Tale of an Old Scroll Saw

I started out my woodworking career in my teen years when my dad brought home a tabletop jigsaw/scroll saw.  I spent many hours in the garage working on Christmas ornaments for relatives, refrigerator magnets, and various other wood crafts as I got older.


However, my interest waned in the wood working department when I moved out of the house and in with my boyfriend (later my husband).  I left the jigsaw behind at my parents’ house and didn’t think about it for many years.

During that time I had moved many states away from where I grew up and when I had children of my own, my parents sold their house, packed up their things and moved near us to be around their grandchildren more often.  And, as it turns out, my dad had kept my old jigsaw/scroll saw, and had it stored away in the garage all these years.

I have always wanted to get back into working with wood, creating things and refinishing furniture, so when that opportunity arose, I knew just where to start… with my old friend, the tabletop jigsaw.  My parents had both passed away by this time, so that old jigsaw was in my garage at that point, but just collecting dust on a shelf.

When I went to use it for the first time after all these years, I realized the blade in it was really worn (and probably from the last time I used it a few decades ago).  So off to Home Depot I went with the used blade in a zip-lock baggie.

I searched the tool section where all the jigsaw blades were, but could not find the size I needed for my saw.  I tracked down the one woman who works in that department of my local Home Depot store (and with whom I’ve received help from many times before) and asked her if they carried that size blade anymore.  She looked at that blade for a good minute before asking me if the blade was from an antique and told me to look for that size on Amazon.com.

My heart was crushed.

She had called my beloved jigsaw an ANTIQUE!!!

I’m only in my forties so the jigsaw isn’t THAT old!  Only about 25 years.  I didn’t really think that tools from the 1980’s would be considered antiques, but apparently they are.

Anyway, once I recovered from the shock, I came to the grave conclusion that I was going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new saw.



So after much research, I finally found a model on sale online for about half the price they wanted for the same model at Home Depot (sorry Home Depot, money talks) so I ordered it online and much to my delight, it arrived in only a few days (without having to pay extra for the expidited shipping!).



It has a few more features than my old saw (like variable speeds and a dust blowing attachment), but I sure do miss using the ole’ girl.



In fact, I haven’t had the heart to throw her out yet.  She’s still sitting in my garage next to my work bench.  I guess I’m reluctant to get rid of her because it was a gift from my dad who is no longer here, and all the great memories I have of all the things I made with her.


Until next time,


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