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Shelving Unit Made from Wooden Crates

We’ve all seen the blog posts of shelving units made from crates, right?  Well I knew I had the perfect spot in my family room for one of those.  I just had to wait for them to go on sale at one of the local crafting stores (I’m not ready to tackle building my own just yet).

The unfinished wooden crates finally went on sale, and I bought four of them, unsure of how tall I wanted my finished product to be while I was at the store.  Once home, I placed them in the empty corner I wanted to fill, and realized four was going to be too tall for my liking, as I was planning on stacking them on their ends for a tall, skinny shelving unit.


My first step was to paint them with a coat of white primer.  (You can't tell by the picture, but the insides are also painted with the primer.)  I had plenty left over from various painting projects around the house, so it didn’t cost me anything for the paint.

Next I decided on a dark blue paint for the outer color since my family room is a blue and white coastal theme.


Once all the crates were fully painted, I used finish nails to hold the ends together, two in the front and two in the back of each shelf.


Then I moved the shelving unit into place, but realized the chair that I was going to keep in front of it, was going to block the bottom crate.  Luckily I had a little wooden child’s bench that fit perfectly underneath, so I was able to set the shelving unit on to it and raise it up.


Another view of the corner with my new shelving unit.

I’m very happy with my inexpensive and simple shelving unit that matches the rest of my room!

Oh, and if you're wondering what ever happened to the fourth crate... it found a home in my workshop, under my work bench, storing extension cords.


Until next time,


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