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Mid-Century Danish Chair Update

Have you ever found something left out front of someone's house on trash day and stopped to pick it up?  Even better, how about upon inspection of said item, you realize it's in great shape and you just scored Big Time?  That's how I felt when I found this mid-century Danish arm chair.


It was in great shape except for the fabric on the seat and the finish on the wood.  My parents had a similar chair (minus the arms) when I was growing up, so I knew if we refinished it, it would be worth some money.

Again, this was another piece my daughter said she had a vision for, so I put her in charge of the make-over.



Step 1: Remove the seat cushion.  We used a flat head screwdriver to remove the seat from the chair so we could reupholster the seat and paint the wood.



Step 2:  Removing the old fabric from the seat.  The top picture is a close up of the fabric.  It had definitely seen better days!  And removing the staples on the underside was difficult, to say the least since 90% of them were rusted and disintegrated into tiny rust particles upon touching them.



Step 3:  Reupholstering the seat.  Once the old fabric was removed, we inspected the cushioning for smell and stains.  It seemed to be in good shape and free of any smell, so we kept the original batting.  We used the old fabric as a template for the new fabric, but cut the new fabric a little larger than the original size.  (We forgot to take pictures of the stapling process of the new fabric onto the seat.)

The picture above shows all the tools we used for reupholstering the seat, including spraying the new fabric with a healthy dose of Scotch Guard.



Step 4:  Painting the chair.  We wanted the grain of the wood to show through, so we used a homemade chalk paint and dry brushed it on to give the chair the thinnest coating possible.  We used Behr Ultra in Infinite Deep Sea blue (and turned it into chalk paint using our own recipe).  We sealed the paint with clear Minwax Finishing Wax paste.



Step 5:  The little details.  The metal feet on the bottom of the chair were so rusted (sorry, no before picture) that even polishing them with steel wool, did not help.  So, we used Rust-Oleum Metallic Silver to shine them up.






Here it is side by side so you can see what difference a little paint and some new fabric will do!!

Thanks for reading.  Until next time,



Materials & Tools Used:

  • Behr Ultra Satin finish (Infinite Deep Sea)
  • Minwax Finishing Wax Paste
  • Rust-Oleum metallic silver spray paint
  • Upholstery Fabric
  • Scotch Guard
  • 220 grit sandpaper, screwdriver, razor knife, scissors
  • staple gun with 3/8 inch staples, hammer
  • paint brush, cotton rags

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