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From A Lost Cause to Princess Perfect

Every Fall the dance company and studio my daughter, Kira, attends has a garage sale fundraiser.  The dance company is a non-profit organization and I am on the board of directors, so every year I go help price all the donated items the day before the sale starts (as well as usually work most of it all weekend).


When I saw this bookcase, I started drooling.  I had arrived for the "pricing party" a little later than usual, so it had already priced.  When I looked at the price tag, I began drooling even more!  I even questioned the gal in charge of this year's fundraiser, and she said the bookcase was rickety and unstable, so that was the reason for the rock bottom price.

I immediately knew I had to have it and I knew what I would do to transform it.  I played it cool, however, and didn’t express any interest until the next morning after we had everything set up in the parking lot.  That’s when I put the sold sign on it and told everyone I was going to purchase it, but I’d leave it all weekend for displaying other items on it and take it home at the end of the day on Sunday.

So there it sat throughout the entire garage sale with people making comments on how unstable it was and how shocked they were that someone had actually bought it. (Bwahaha, little did they know of my intentions for refurbishing it!)

So I took her home Sunday afternoon, but it was about a week before I was able to start working on her.



The first thing I did was cut the existing legs off the bottom of it with my table saw and applied a layer of wood putty to level off the underside.  After that dried and I sanded the entire piece, I painted the whole thing with Behr “Piggy Bank Pink”, mixed with my homemade chalk paint additive to thicken it up.

Then, after it was all painted with the pink, I sealed it with Minwax Polycrylic clear gloss.  This bookcase is meant for a child’s room where it has the potential to see a lot of abuse, otherwise I would have used furniture wax to seal this piece.



Now for the best part… I purchased a piece of bead board, sanded it smooth, and painted it with Behr high gloss white.  Then I screwed it onto the back of the bookcase to square it up and make it sturdy.



The other part of my plan was to add decorative feet and paint them in high gloss white as well.  Originally I wanted to add bun feet, but the bookcase is too shallow for those and would not have looked good.  So my second choice was the old fashioned spool feet.


The metal attachments that they screw into made it so easy to put them on the bottom.


Aren't they cute?



The very last thing I did was dry brush the backside of the bead board so there wasn’t such a stark contrast between the sides and the back.  Plus it looked "cheesey" with an unfinished surface back there.  (Sorry not a great angle, but you get the idea.)



After I took the final picture of the staged bookcase, I sent the picture to my friend (and owner of the dance studio) and said, “Remember the rickety old bookcase from the garage sale?  Well, here it is!”

To which she replied, “WOW!  I LOVE IT!!!  Totally amazing!  I will share with Mandy, who donated it and thought it was a lost cause.”

It just goes to show you that ANYTHING can be revamped and revitalized, and certainly is NOT a lost cause!  You just have to have a vision of the finished product (which in my case, since I was at a dance studio around young girls, I had the inspiration to turn this into something one of them would be proud to have in their bedroom).  And this pretty little bookcase turned out just like I envisioned it!


Happy creating!



Materials Used

  • 220 grit sandpaper*
  • Behr Premium Plus eggshell "Piggy Bank"*
  • Behr Premium Plus hi-gloss white*
  • Minwax Polycrylic clear gloss*
  • Dap All Purpose Wood Filler "natural"*
  • 1 inch wood screws*
  • square metal furniture feet mounts  (Lowe's)
  • wooden spool feet  (Lowe's)

* All items marked with an astrik were purchased at Home Depot

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