Sunday Morning Craft Project

Have you ever woken up on a Sunday morning with nothing to do?  That’s what happened to me recently.  Saturday mornings are easily  filled with things to do, but Sundays are a little harder since the thrift stores are all closed and the few yard sales that are open are usually picked pretty clean by […]

Drawer Shelves:  For sale $78/pr

From Drawers to Shelves

Before we had even picked up any furniture, or had our work space completed, I was jumping the gun and was inspired to make something out of these old drawers! They had been cut from the dresser that we use as our main work bench in our workshop, and were just lying around, screaming for someone to […]


Shelving Unit Made from Wooden Crates

We’ve all seen the blog posts of shelving units made from crates, right?  Well I knew I had the perfect spot in my family room for one of those.  I just had to wait for them to go on sale at one of the local crafting stores (I’m not ready to tackle building my own […]

Cabinet Built from Bi-fold Doors

I just recently bought a house and turned the family room into my crafting room (Lovingly dubbed the “Mom Cave” by my daughter).  I also have a metal gun cabinet that I inherited from my father, that I didn’t really have anywhere else in the house to put it except for in the Mom Cave. I had […]