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Cabinet Built from Bi-fold Doors


I just recently bought a house and turned the family room into my crafting room (Lovingly dubbed the “Mom Cave” by my daughter).  I also have a metal gun cabinet that I inherited from my father, that I didn’t really have anywhere else in the house to put it except for in the Mom Cave.

I had painted the room sky blue and white, with a coastal theme to it, so the brown gun cabinet stood out like a sore thumb.  I had to think of a way to disguise it.

Enter my very first “true” something from nothing project! A cabinet made from two sets of old bi-fold doors and some plywood.


My daughter and I bought two sets of bi-fold doors from a salvage yard and pulled the hardware off each door.  The one door was stained, so we had to paint that high gloss white to match the other set of doors (which is the color I wanted the cabinet to be anyway).  We decided to spray paint the door so there would be no brush strokes on the finished product.


Each half of one door was going to act as the sides, so I bought some ¼ inch plywood (to keep it from becoming too heavy) and screwed it to the back and top, to form the basic shell of the cabinet.  I also cut a piece of 1 x 2 and used it across the back of the bottom of the cabinet for stability.  I then painted the inside of the back piece high gloss white, using a foam roller, to match the rest of the cabinet.

Next I cut a piece of scrap ¾ inch plywood to use as a shelf on the inside since my gun cabinet was way shorter than the height of the doors.  This also made the cabinet a lot more sturdy.  I attached the shelf using 1 inch corner braces in the front and back corners, and painted the top and underside using a foam roller.


The last thing we did was attach the second door to the front of the cabinet by using hinges on both sides so that the once bi-fold door opened in the middle and was now essentially two smaller doors.


We drilled holes for the door knobs and attached them.


Then moved the cabinet in place.  Viola!


Not only is my gun cabinet incognito, but I also have some extra storage, too!

Though there are some things I would have done differently if I was building this with the intention of selling it, I am very pleased with the finished product overall.

Thanks for reading!



Materials Used:

  • 1  24 inch bi-fold door (used)
  • 1  30 inch bi-fold door (used)
  • 1  piece 1/4 inch plywood cut to fit back
  • 1 piece 1/4 inch plywood cut to fit top
  • 1 piece 3/4 inch plywood cut to fit inside for shelf
  • 3 cans Rust-Oleum high gloss white spray paint
  • Left over Behr Premium Plus hi-gloss white enamel interior paint
  • 1 foam roller
  • 2 pkgs 1 inch corner braces (for top and shelf)
  • 3 pkgs l 1/2 inch hinges
  • 2 drawer knobs (Home Depot)


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