About Us


Our Vision

From furniture to other household items, almost anything can be refinished or recycled into something new!  This is what we do... Turn old, worn out and unwanted items into fresh, new, and exciting things.

Our Story

It all began with a teenage girl whose father bought her a table top jigsaw.

I grew up in Pennsylvania where the cold winters keep most people inside.  My father spent most of the winter in the garage working on his hobbies.  We had a wood burning stove in the garage to keep it toasty warm, and as a young girl, I liked to play in the garage to be near my dad.  However, as I grew older, my interest in being in the garage with my dad waned.  So one day he brought home a jigsaw and gave me some scrap wood from in the shed.  I was soon cutting various shapes out of the wood, sanding them down and creating magnets and Christmas tree ornaments to give as Christmas presents.  Thus began my love of woodworking.

During my late teens and early twenties, I graduated to creating larger items. I had a booth at the local flea market and sold them there.

Once a husband and kids came along, I had to change gears and put the woodworking on hold.  Now 25 years later, I’m finally able to turn my passion into a business.  And the greatest surprise is that my 18 year old daughter wants to help!  She’s always been artsy and crafty like me, so I’m very excited!

The popular things right now are building things out of pallet wood and repurposing items.  These are both things I want to dabble in as well as refinishing old, beaten up furniture.

Meet the Mom & Daughter Team

Because two heads are better than one!


Holly Talarchyk

Founder & CEO

I have always loved doing arts & crafts - anything from scrapbooking to photography to woodworking.  I am always up for a good challenge, both mentally and physically, so I am looking forward to putting my ideas into practice and creating some beautiful things!


Kira Talarchyk

Vice President

Growing up, creating was always something I loved to do. Obviously, the love for all things arts and crafts runs in my blood! Being able to turn trash into treasure is a gift of mine that I am so excited to share through my work.